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- Man of the moment - Steve Jobs.
- Greece in trouble - ideas from Roubini/Das, Munchau and Pisani-Ferry/Sapir.
- Plender very intelligent on how north Europe-south Europe is basically China-America writ small.
- Civil servants in the UK have had enough of Labour.
- Martin Wolf takes lessons from Davos 2010. And here is Rachman's take.
- Jurek thinks triangulation can work for Obama.
- Hastings on the abject mess that is the 'special relationship'.
- Gladwell, useful idiot.
- Warsh and Kay are against too big to fail.
- Jurek pays homage to Robert B Parker. Evidently a fan!
- Book review: Steven Hill admires a great deal about Europe. Road speed humps, high-speed trains, wind turbines, siestas, works councils, two-button flush toilets, energy-saving light bulbs, universal voter registration, proportional representation, public broadcasting networks, low-cost university education, naked saunas, organic farming, the Slow Food movement and home-cooked meals: you name it, he praises it.
- Tony Judt of the NYRB is dying.
- Comebacks from two beautiful black women - Corinne Bailey Rae and Sade. Even Wes Bentley is back on the beat. More here.
- Corinne has a gig at the Shepherd's Bush Empire in two weeks' time. Methinx I'll go!
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