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Previous Entry mad weekend Jul. 5th, 2010 @ 12:24 pm Next Entry
a weekend of real drama, started off with an epic two-hour battle on saturday morning, after which i went off to regency to sign the new lease and then went back to forest gate, loaded up the seven-seater taxi and then off to redbridge to the new digs.. i like the new digs although i don't know much about much else.

thought i'd catch the argie match in redbridge but there wasn't a pub with a tv so after kebab lunch in gants hill (not v good), went back to claremont road, tv in kamrul's room - argentina proceeded to lose to germany in what i can only describe as craven (and inevitable) fashion - i quit watching at 0-2... against germany, you can't NOT have a defence, even if maradona IS screaming from the sidelines, deutschers just don't deal in mercy. final score 0-4, klose on 14 goals, messi on 0.

henry winter has a very technical analysis in the telegraph - the guy knows his soccer. and apparently Mueller's got his revenge for Maradona snubbing him a few months ago.

next there was another vanload to shift, so called up some mauritian guy off the net, and that was trip 2.. spent a couple of hours' sorting out the flat, didn't watch the spain quarterfinal, pretty indifferent to the rest of this world cup.. went fairly late to nobo's place for dinner and adda, home late too

currently reading - philip short's bio of pol pot - still pretty innocuous so far but that will change

i'm bleeding money like a stuck pig - and there's some seriously vicious people in this world

part 2 soon
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