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Yesterday, when I took B2P, Mithu and kid to Bath, turned out to be a sad day all around. News came through of Robin's dad's sudden death - spoke to him briefly, what does one say at times like these? Back home in the evening, the net told me that Bulbul Ahmed had died as well. One of the pillars of our growing-up years, we'd turn on the TV to see his face, his voice, his presence. When people like him or Kobori or Rajjak or Bobita die, something I think dies of us too. And then finally, Marrack Goulding who was warden of St Antony's when I was there in 03-04 is also dead. I remember that I got an drinks invite to his home once, he did it for all the college students, and it was there that I met the historian Robert Service and spoke to him for 10 mins or so. Adieu, Sir Marrack.


Yesterday was Thursday but I took the day off. First day off since getting back from Dhaka. Bath was cloudy, my third time there, I've had nicer visits esp the one with Mat-Bat-Annu, but this time the museum has been revamped into something really fine. Much better use of technology than before, as well as better pacing and use of space too I thought.. very informative and entertaining overall. Big improvement on my first trip with Renaad 3-4 yrs back.

Witness to bitter fight on the train back to London, not zesty. Went to Mangal from Paddington, but not sure that the food was to their taste either. Oh well. Wrapped it up with a late night visit to the Arcola for tea, and then home. Taxis n all, bleeding money I am.


I moved 2 weeks ago to Cobbetts Ave IG4 after 21 months in that tomb in Kebbell Terrace. I like the new place so far although it's costing me an incomprehensible 550 pounds more than what I was used to paying in Forest Gate (rent+tube). That's a really big sum of money, which I could have saved or spent travelling for example. All gone now. But the area IS nice, the flat is large and airy and roomy and sunny, and I can curl up on the couch or down on the floor to read whenever I like. There's acres of storage which I do need. And aesthetically it is a different universe entirely from the bogs of Forest Gate or Mile End. It even has a functioning shower, fuckme!

The music which I play all the time bugs no one, although I need some Creative speakers I think. I can entertain, bring over friends, people can stay with me if they like, as B2 et al are doing for three nights. Only Leggatt Rd Stratford let me do that before. Oh and of course Rosemary Dr IS right behind. What is there to say to that?

Negatives - there aren't many good shops around, so I'll probably have to go to Ilford or Stratford more and more often. The tenants upstairs - south african couple - moaned about my late-night shutting doors the very first day I think, which pissed me off. Also I can't get access to the garden, nor open my French-window doors which also pisses me off. But overall as B2P says, it's all part of growing up, this getting my own place business, although my personal opinion - growing up is vastly fucking overrated. I mean she grew up, didn't she and what did it get her? Bupkus that's what.

Broadband finally at the new place from yesterday, praise God - black engr came thru for me - after two long weeks of abstinence. No phone or TV for now though, but soon I'm sure.


Fun game with Ahona pichchi - the Hannah Montana game, basically call everything Montana, from baba montana and mama montana to ghonta montana, fanta montana, and hannah montana montana.

Also I've been paired up with Fergus from this week - he's come back to the company after 5 yrs, and his job is to teach me EViews apparently - god how I loathe it all!
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