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Previous Entry well whaddya know! Jul. 24th, 2010 @ 07:28 pm Next Entry
How do you know that you have seen way more theatre than is good for you? The other day, I get in the tube, ending up standing next to a girl who is reading off photocopied pages of what looks very much like a playscript. Unable to suppress my curiosity, I glance over the page and within just a couple of seconds, something about the words on that page sets off bells jangling inside my head. And so I ask her - excuse me, is that Jesus Hopped the A Train?

And guess what - it was. Saw Stephen Guirgis's Jesus Hopped at the Trafalgar a few months ago. Whaddya know!


Played poker at Tahmima/Roland's last night. Me Roland Faisal and bikeman Oscar. I cleaned up, winning almost 30 quid off the other guys :-P It was good.
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