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Rainy morning. Took the CFA book along with me to Holborn - Level 2,… - The man with a fork in a world of soup

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Rainy morning. Took the CFA book along with me to Holborn - Level 2, Volume 6, Derivatives and Portfolio Management. (It fucking sucks - 77 days to go!) Anyhow, got to the Novello just at 10 as box office was opening, got my ticket for the final show of Crazy for You, 7.30 tonight. Then got a bus back to Bank, from there to Wanstead where I stopped over at Belgique first to buy a "Pain d'Epices" I think it's called, basically pain with lots of fruit chunks and honey in it. Didn't figure it would be this sweet, but it's good.

Then to Wanstead library where the book sale was just gaining momentum. For the next couple of hours I just scrambled from table to table, box to box, stacking up my books all up one windowsill till they made three tottering towers, mutually supporting each other against a precipitous fall. After I was done with the grown-ups' books, I turned my attention to the kids' books and boy there were literally hundreds of those along the back end of the room. So I bought some of those too. Each book costs 20p, if you buy 5, you get a 6th for free. I ended up with 50 quids' worth.

So what I then had to do was fetch some more money from the Wanstead ATM, call up a taxi from Redbridge, all while the helpful staff at the library boxed up all the books, in the end it took seven of those. So piled them high inside the van that came along and chatted with the Sylheti driver on the way back home. An ex-insurance man, he's learning The Knowledge in order to become a black cab driver. His wife (cousin from Bangladesh) is training to be a teacher.

And so that is that. Home now. Very quiet. Living room is a mess, as per usual. Need to start sorting again. Also need to start boning up on the Lima to Nazca chapters of the Rough Guide, have a planning call with Rupam tomorrow. Speaking of old friends, Skyped with Asif yesterday - first proper convo in maybe 7-8 years. Saw his kid on Skype, spoke to his wife too. He is still a barrel of laughs, still the fizziest, most irrepressible and exuberant person I know. Also Sabir's Socotra cormorant research got a write-up in the UAE National.

Anyway, better wrap this up. Was thinking of a Tumblr account, but now thinking better of it. What's wrong with this place anyway? Nothing at all. Chicago and Poland trips coming up. Quietly excited about those.
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