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links Jan. 15th, 2010 @ 02:02 pm
- FT applauds Google's decision and explains the security breaches. Morozov does NOT agree, but he doesn't consider Chinese behaviour at all. Morozov pursues his vendetta in the NYT too.
- Gillian Tett on the missing AIG haircuts.
- Luke Johnson on the joy of startups.
- Aditya Mittal Q&A.
- Stephens smacks down Cheney/Bin Laden.
- Nick Clegg lays out his deficit-busting plans.
- Tilford says don't cut Greece adrift.
- Fine crop of op-eds in the NYT today. Krugman does only what Krugman can. David Brooks has not one but TWO very good pieces, one on Haiti, the other on Israel. And finally, a piece on 3 Idiots and the freeing of the Indian mind.
- Law school not looking such a hot option any more.
- Frank Rich on the parallels between the Tea Party movement and Nigeriam email scammers.
- Fun NYT graphics: Netflix queue patterns for 2009's top movies and the poster is reborn as a tool of right-wing anti-immigrant propaganda.
- Jyoti Babu died. Here's MJ Akbar. And two pieces from Amit Roy on Jyoti in London.
- Analysis - The Glazers.
- Analysis - Obama's first year.
- Analysis - What Google vs China implies for China vs the West.
- Analysis - Clueless shareholders watch the banking debacle.
- Analysis - Al Qaeda evolves.

links Jan. 11th, 2010 @ 05:38 pm
- Frank Rich warns of the timebomb that is the financial sector.
- The train from Sarajevo to Belgrade is back on track.
- I wish the fucking banks would just up and go.
- Caldwell in typically blood-curdling form.
- Two economists drone on about a job-rich recovery.
- Analysis - how Copenhagen failed.
- The road to ruin - how Greece will quit the Eurozone.
- Rachman: Bankruptcy could be good for America.
- Skapinker on corporate apologies.
- Brown, Darling, King fight over the UK economy.
- It frustrates me that I can't keep up with Martin Wolf's arguments. Here he is, waxing cryptic on Japan.
- Kynge says the future is NOT the US-China link, while Peter Tasker is a strong China bear.
- Robert Reich (not Rubin) joins the chorus - reform finance.
- Two dead centenarians: Joe Rollino and Miep Gies.
- Hina Majid deploys the logic of a moron in defending current immigration policy. It is thanks to people like these that we have entire towns on benefits.
- The Google-China war: Pilling and Economist have analyses.

links Jan. 4th, 2010 @ 06:44 pm
- 2010? The top FT writers gaze into the crystal ball.
- Global super-rich become unpopular.
- The best essays of 2009 on the economy, social issues and international issues. The Big Think chooses.
- Wadhwani says markets are schizo between inflation and deflation.
- Podesta, Ettlinger have a 10-yr plan to fix the budget deficit.
- Secy Brady says bring back Glass-Steagall lite.
- Rachman is astute - America loses the free world.
- Article number 857 - China, pls fix your RMB policy. But it's no use. They could write another 857 for all the good it'll do.
- Now Plender says China must consume more.
- Kanbur and Prasad argue for inflation targeting.
- Wolf is a bit complicated in this piece on the Eurozone getting skrood.
- John Kay has the last word on the palpable lack of real reform: I view the new decade with great apprehension. In the name of free markets, we created a monster that threatens to destroy the very free markets we extol.
- China has a housing bubble.
- Newly risky govt debt has asset allocation implications.

links Dec. 29th, 2009 @ 05:50 pm
- Damn. David Levine has died.
- In praise of the revenge movie.
- David Brooks chooses his best articles of the year - 1 and 2.
- Paul Kennedy asks if Afghanistan is worth it.
- Wolf: civilization is as fragile as glass.
- How India became the world's back office.
- Decade of disruption, in 4 parts.
- America learns to doubt itself.
- Broken Bosnia? Visit before hell breaks loose again!
- Arvind says economics has made partial amends in its response to the crisis.
- Mr Vampire Squid himself, defining everything wrong about business & finance this decade.
- Wikipedia and Twitter in FT Analysis.
- Life and times of Candy Dee, bubble girl.
- Profiles of James Cameron and Burt Rutan.
- Analysis: Iran, going the way of the Soviet Union.
- Lucy Kellaway's fantastic 2009 Management Bullshyt Awards.
- Ronnie Chan tells the West to stop lecturing the East.
- History lessons - why time seems to fly faster and faster and the 700-year recession that Britain endured.
- Plender sees troubling times in the markets for 2010...

links Dec. 22nd, 2009 @ 02:20 pm
- Analysis: Poor outlook for commercial property.
- Analysis: Bankers' bonuses.
- Analysis: Darling's PBR.
- Dead Jools. And his Ayn-Rand-asshole buddy Sramek.
- All year, the FT has called boldly for reform. Stephens underscores some well-worn points.
- Insight: More capitalism, less regulation.
- Analysis: Population control debates reemerge.
- Analysis: The car industry, divergent in Europe and the US.
- More film of the decade debate from Slate.
- Motherfucker!
- John Kay, in typically fine form, sums up the age in quotes.
- Some phrases of the year - bonus culture, banker-bashing, jobless recovery, green shoots, class war.
- Niall Ferguson creams himself at China's rise. The man is full of bombast.
- Martin Dickson channels Hilaire Belloc. Fabulous.
- FT approves of Obama's first year.
- Simon Schama does some summing-up as well.
- Wow, just wow! Wei Jingsheng's open letter in the NYT.
- Paul Krugman calls it all the Big Zero.
- Matt Wolf sums up the year's theatre.

links Dec. 17th, 2009 @ 05:45 pm
- How to bring securitization back from the dead.
- Zingales urges a tax on short-term debt instead of a Tobin tax.
- The late flare-up between Shuttleworth and the moron Walker reaches its apotheosis in this crazy Coveney post.
- The Fall of Mexico.
- Max Hastings explains why the UK is fucked and finished.
- The glory of Apps!
- Copenhagen is fucked. So is health care reform. What about financial reform? What did developing countries get out of it?
- Bye-bye, Oral Roberts.
- Emerging markets Win, USA Fail. But you already knew that.
- Aliber asks for a trade war, plain and simple.
- Frank Rich: The Decade of the Huckster. Great stuff.
- Times UK's 50 TV series of the decade and 100 Films of the decade.
- Mo Ibrahim is very direct and forceful on Africa and energy.
- Australia, uneasy about being China's bitch. First of an ongoing series, now up to 8 installments. Solid stuff.
- And right on queue, some asshole Chink apparatchik gives us the party line as to why China should be allowed to buy up overseas. Not a word about the renminbi. Cheeky bastard.
- Ed Luce says Obama gets a B for his first year in charge.

links Dec. 15th, 2009 @ 02:55 pm
- Malkiel defends high-freq trading.
- Stephens says Cameron should decide what he is.
- Philip Purcell on how to make banks safer.
- Samuelson obit in NYT and FT.
- Zuckerman defends Fed independence.
- Billington reviews Theatre in the Noughties.
- James Barty, self-serving motherfucker.
- Pilling on the Sino-Japanese friendship that is newly flourishing.
- Hans Blommestein, OECD debt manager, has some wise words for debt management post-crisis.
- Prof Chaigneau boils reform down to two things - 1) ensure that banks pay the true cost of their debt funding, and 2) foster competition by facilitating entry into the banking industry.
- Schama loves Obama's Oslo speech.
- Gapper rues US loss of control over the banks post-TARP.
- Prospect's list of top public intellectuals in the crisis is headed by Simon Johnson, Avinash Persaud and Adair Turner. Also in the list - Volcker, Taibbi, Stiglitz, Stewart, Shiller, Setser, Roubini, Prebble, Lagarde, Krugman, King, Kay and Bernanke.

links Dec. 10th, 2009 @ 12:01 pm
- Chris Blackhurst of the Evening Standard is a dirty stooge of the banking industry.
- Super news today on UK and France imposing 50% bank bonus taxes, but Buiter is thoroughly unconvinced by yesterday's pre-budget report.
- FT take on the bonus tax.
- David Pilling writes the best short argument for China's involvement in Africa that I've read anywhere. A must-read.
- Brown and Sarkozy double-bill in the WSJ.
- Hutton hammers the City.
- Feldstein on the dollar.
- Matt Miller has some ideas on US deficit reduction.
- Augar is sanguine about the City's future.
- Brittan on cycles.
- Crook quotes from Obama's Nobel speech.
- Guha rationalizes the bonus tax.
- Tett on the selfish bankers.
- Paul Taylor on photoscreens.

links Dec. 4th, 2009 @ 11:21 am
- Ex-PM of NZ on the new green theology.
- Wolf on the post-post-Thatcher era.
- Kynge on how Chinese brands are killing foreign brands on the mainland. Eye-opening.
- London's future.
- Why Obama doesn't want a multipolar world.
- Analysis - The German industrial model struggles to stay afloat.
- Tony Jackson is worth reading - on the analyst system and the bizarre practices now emerging in banking stateside.
- Analysis - Greece in deep trouble. This was Munchau's view earlier. And now Fitch has downgraded Greek debt. Nice!
- Analysis - Who is Michel Barnier?
- Wolf howls against China's iniquitous currency policy.
- A-R Migiro hails South-South economic co-operation.
- Betts denounces back-to-business-as-usual bankers and politicians.
- John Gieve tries to see the way forward.

links Dec. 2nd, 2009 @ 04:33 pm
- Analysis - Lloyds does the mother of all money-raising issues.
- Analysis - China and India deal with climate change.
- This then is the golden age of British theatre, and I feel extremely lucky to have seen it from up close during the last three years. A few of the people at the heart of the renaissance speak out. Billington opines too.
- Measured financial liberalization still on. Brazil continues to do interesting innovations.
- A country in ruins - the legacy of Blair & Brown.
- Obama is lonely.
- 150 years since Harper's Ferry.
- Analysis - Brazil's moment in the sun.
- Analysis - China and US get tighter, India feels left out.
- Analysis - The godless swine at Goldman.
- Analysis - Hawks and doves at the Fed.
- Analysis - A hot new game hits the market.
- Analysis - America in decline? Maybe, but not so fast.

links Nov. 30th, 2009 @ 03:56 pm
- Cohen's memories as a Jewish boy in London.
- Hiking to the bottom of the Grand Canyon.
- RIP, Geoffrey Moorhouse.
- After Dubai, Greece?
- More Khalaf on Dubai.
- Gapper says China needs to change its growth model while Jeff Garten of Yale says get used to a weak dollar.
- Stanley Fish on political correctness in academia.
- Have I said this to you before?
- Skapinker on the steady march of English.
- LukeJ praises soldiers turned businessmen.
- Goldman wankers load up on handguns!
- The Belle de Jour Q&A.
- Analysis - Dubai gets its comeuppance.
- Analysis - The difficulties of global coordination in post-crisis economic policy.

links Nov. 27th, 2009 @ 05:01 pm
- Aslund doesn't like the G20.
- Persaud on regulatory capture.
- China, becoming bigger in finance while trying to retain control.
- Dubai fucks up - Roula Khalaf, Jim Krane and the FT editorial have views. Simeon Kerr commented on the high-level executive sackings a few days ago. More Khalaf and Kerr.
- Bolton delays retirement to play Chinese stocks.
- Gore in full flow.
- Analysis - Economists and finance folks suffering from physics envy and now biology envy.
- Analysis - India vs Pakistan, a year after the Mumbai attacks.
- Analysis - Turkey looks east.
- Analysis - Chinese competition policy shaking up the world's megacorps.
- Analysis - Michele Ferrero, the man behind Ferrero Rocher.
- Analysis - The man who made it all happen. FT profile of Mikhail Gorbachev.

Darth Vader Nov. 26th, 2009 @ 03:19 pm
Now I'll always be able to say that I saw Darth Vader in the flesh. James Earl Jones, 78 years old but looking at least 15 years younger and with charm and energy to spare, owned the stage last night at the Novello. He WAS Big Daddy in Cat on a Hot Tin Roof, Tennessee Williams's otherwise complicated family saga of the South. It was a privilege to see one of the true greats of American theatre in action - and it's not something we'll get to see for very much longer.

Oh and tonight, I'm off to see McNulty from The Wire playing Calderon at the Donmar! Only in London.

JEJ interview in the Guardian, review of the Broadway production in the New Yorker.

P.S. More Belle de Jour!

links Nov. 25th, 2009 @ 02:49 pm
- Unemployment - the lost generation.
- The Randian he-men of Goldman Sachs.
- Italy Spain Greece drowning in the fiscal swamp.
- Zoellick argues that Asia is way ahead in its attempts to curb the next round of irrational exuberance.
- Wolf howls on immigration. And against the bonus culture. But who's listening?
- UK, sick man of Europe once again.
- The gross beast called ABS CDO.
- Pilling on Sri Lanka.
- Mo Saatchi on the need for More Competition.
- Tony Bolton is good - here's one and two.
- UK economy and public finances - staring down the barrel.

links Nov. 24th, 2009 @ 12:28 pm
- Obama, flunking in the Middle East, not so much in China.
- The cretinous imbeciles at Gawker try to diss London theatre. Fucking ignoramuses. I mean I like NYC, I liked it loads when I visited this last week. But you do not, you simply do NOT talk shyt like this about London theatre. All it does is expose your vast stupidity and ignorance.
- Ben Brantley creams himself over Fela. Pity I missed it. Maybe it'll transfer to the West End one of these days.
- All the Shitty Phrases - top of the heap is No problem.
- The 2009 Evening Standard Theatre Awards have been announced. This was the longlist. This was the shortlist. This is why the winners won what they won. (Seen nearly everything in the shortlist except Been So Long and The Pride. Still not sure about Lenny's Othello.)
- Chinese banking supremo Liu Mingkang has good reason to feel a little self-satisfied.
- Shithead Cohan defends Goldman.

links Nov. 12th, 2009 @ 02:49 pm
- Obama agonistes.
- Columbus, OH shows signs of turning.
- American obstacle to Copenhagen climate change treaty. Stephens says don't expect much.
- 50 people who decide the fate of the world's economy.
- PBooth is persuasive as to how excessive govt regulation fucked things up.
- China, India locking horns.
- Skapinker on executives turned politicians.
- China's energy imperialism meets some limits.
- Brittan says if there is no C or I, there can only be G.
- Smartphone review - the Droid.

links Nov. 11th, 2009 @ 02:12 pm
- British theatre in rude good health, but for how long?
- The world's most surreal landscapes. Been to the Painted Desert meself.
- Old Q&A with David "Smike" Dawson who as Gethin Price has won unstinting praise for his work in Griffiths' Comedians.
- The top 100 movies of the decade. Haven't seen many at all.
- More nuanced analysis of the East German economy, high tech and depopulation.
- Banks rush to pay back TARP.
- Long profile of Dick Armey in the NYT Mag. He was head of the econ dept at UNT once upon a time!
- 100 things restaurant staff should never do. First of two parts.
- The credit crunch rolls on and on. This time in US commercial real estate.
- Who was Sander Thoenes?
- Iron ore wars.

links Nov. 10th, 2009 @ 05:40 pm
- Anne Applebaum quotes Wordsworth to commemorate the fall of the Wall.
- Abu Dhabi reimagined.
- Galleon brought down by a Bangladeshi couple among others.
- Ambanis still fighting.
- Russia Germany best buddies!
- Jerry Morris dead at 99. Levi-Strauss dead at 100.
- Wolf's thoughts on the anniversary of the Fall. Interesting piece of contrarianism from Wolfgang Hummel in the WSJ.
- Ken Feinberg, Obama's pay tsar.
- Sad interview with Dame Maggie Smith dealing with crisis and solitude.

links Nov. 4th, 2009 @ 10:45 am
- Volcker retreats from Glass-Steagall.
- Wolf at his influential best analyzes private and public savings behaviour in the last five years.
- Dollar declinism on the rise.
- For the future of IT, as for so many other things, look east.
- In search of a functioning tax credit system to encourage businesses to hire.
- Obama dithering on Afghanistan, but two academics point a way out and snub McChrystal.
- John Kay in supreme form - this defence of the market system for its role in driving innovation is a candidate for article of the month.
- How Santander rose to the top of the banking world.

links Nov. 2nd, 2009 @ 03:18 pm
- The kid who interrogated Goering.
- Muchau says keep the fiscal stimuli but apply monetary tightening now.
- Ron McKinnon says raise interest rates now - he gives three reasons, only one easy to follow!
- QPeel denounces the Tories on Europe.
- This book title sells itself - Delete: The Virtue of Forgetting in the Digital Age.
- Why working till 70 opens up awesome prospects for all of us. Thanks, Lucy!
- Maconie on Middle England, Brief Encounter and Yes, I remember Adlestrop.
- Frank in Rich form - the GOP eats itself.
- Tony Jackson says bankers' bluff? Call it!
- Peter Tasker says the outlook for the Chinese credit bubble is truly grim.
- Brady Dougan, CEO of Cresit Suisse. They've had a 'good' recession.
- Crook argues that US regulators are shooting at the wrong target.
- F1's long march to the east.

links Oct. 30th, 2009 @ 10:03 am
- Summer of LUV!
- The Ismaili Muslim author and investment honcho Liaquat Ahamed has won this year's FT Business Book Award with his Lords of Finance.
- Brittan says goodbye to the pre-crisis trend line.
- The regulation soup is pretty murky.
- The US recession is over as of yesterday, but people are still fukced.
- Stephens asks, is long-term decline inevitable for Britain and Europe?
- Lexington reviews Obama's first year in office.
- Booming property lead to unorthodox policy measures in Asia.
- Feldstein says the renminbi must rise.
- Racism in South Korea.
- The Big Interview - none other than James BERARDINELLI!! Also one of Mickey Kuhn, child star.

links Oct. 29th, 2009 @ 03:56 pm
- Say No to Prez Tony.
- Tim & Barney go to war against Wall St.
- Gapper praises Neelie Kroes for her splittist stance.
- China trying to elbow America out of East Asia.
- Keynes' new biographer praises Ben Bernanke.
- Asia Pacific is practically booming again!
- Ex-Finnish PM says it's time to consolidate the Union.
- Max Hastings says the west's option in Afghan/Pak range from Bad to Worse.

- WUSTL's David Levine wrote a reply to Krugman's controversial piece a few weeks ago. Bloggingsheads.tv debate between DL and Alex Rosenberg of Duke.
- The Obamas' marriage.
- Vince Cable denounces the casino.
- The LRB turns 30. Here's an interview with the driving force behind it, Mary-Kay Wilmers.
- Stan McChrystal's long war.
- The wrongful execution of Cameron Todd Willingham. A New Yorker epic expose.

links Oct. 28th, 2009 @ 01:09 pm
- Wolf admits: Pure inflation targeting and a belief in efficient markets proved wrong. These beliefs must be abandoned.
- Some hack at Columbia Business School tries to attack Obama's pay policy.
- An amazing company called Touch Bionics.
- Luke J tellsyou how to deal with personal setbacks in the recession.
- John Kay warns - deal with the too big to fail fuckup now, or be prepared for a lot worse in the future.
- Plender on capital structures. More intellectual bullshyt coming out of b-schools.
- The inventor James Dyson!
- All change in the publishing industry.
- Gordon's finest hour.
- The FT analyses how Obama dragged the healthcare problem to its current near-solution.
- Cameron and Osborne await their moment in the sun.

links Oct. 23rd, 2009 @ 01:46 pm
- Dude unnamed is worried about markets that are go-go again.
- Turkey says to Europe - Fuck me? No, fuck YOU! Good for them.
- el-Erian in good form tries to look into the crystal ball for banking reform and the real economy.
- Wolf doesn't buy King's proposal. He says: First, create a set of laws and institutions that make it possible to bankrupt any and all institutions, even in a crisis. Second, make financial institutions safer, with much higher capital requirements, against all activities. Third, prevent off-balance-sheet activities. Fourth, impose dynamic provisioning. Fifth, require huge cushions of contingent capital. Finally, cease to favour debt-finance, throughout the economy.
- Down and out in Iceland.
- The future of banking in Asia - HSBC and SCB will be part of it.
- Blair, sabotaged.
- Munchau, typically blunt, on bursting bubbles.
- Skapinker unsympathetic to unions.
- Tony Jackson on demographics and pensions. Holland wins out - again.
- Our loose-cannon governor and the government-in-waiting.
- Soros is opening an anti-market fundamentalism institution.
- Repeating Munchau, David Roche says that we are in a bond and equity bubble.

links Oct. 22nd, 2009 @ 04:11 pm
- The battle gets hotter and hotter. A clarion call from Wolf. If the bastards want bonuses, let's have some bloody rules. A very important piece in a very important paper at a very very important time.
- Bankers' bonuses - fix it now or never.
- The Ambani saga - latest rumblings in India's own version of Jarndyce & Jarndyce.
- Punchy little editorial on Brazil's tax policy for hot money. Textbook example of how it should be done. Brazil continues to impress.
- Gapper says let Goldman fail.
- Borosage says change course now or the future is finished. Learsy rails and rails against the banks.
- King and the Treasury are at war.
- Chinese growth - all a bubble? Some chap called Qin Xiao argues for a change of course.
- ROFL funny - Vatican's hostile takeover bid of Canterbury.
- Jurek on Rush's bid to buy a football team. Very good again! I don't know how the FT managed to stack up such a consistently classy lineup of oped writers, cos as far as I'm concerned not even the NYT comes anywhere close to this.
- Guthrie also in top form: In 2007, Sir Howard Davies of the London School of Economics complained in an FT article at the lack of novels featuring business people. He should have been more careful what he wished for. His call, thanks to the credit crisis and ensuing recession, will now be answered by a slew of novels in which crazed financiers dance in hob-nailed boots on the prostrate proles.

Nana died today. Oct. 20th, 2009 @ 04:57 pm
All my grandparents are now gone. Innalillahi..

links Oct. 20th, 2009 @ 03:16 pm
- China's top-secret greasy pole.
- Agri reform comes to India.
- Euro as a global currency? Not so fast.
- More Brazil. They're almost in the big leagues now.
- While tiny nations are suffering a bit more, explains Rachman.
- What will China do with its forex reserves? Promote global development maybe?

links Oct. 19th, 2009 @ 05:07 pm
- Russia's energy bluff will soon be called.
- Chillax? Don't do it.
- More Ostrom.
- Crook has hopes for Obamacare.
- Fidelity Bolton says go emerging.
- Mort Zuckerman has a truly terrifying outlook on American jobs. You could cow naughty kids with this story.
- On modern art.
- Munchau is counting down to the implosion of the next bubble - and beyond.
- After Cable comes Bootle with his book.
- Obama goes to China. But he's fucked up the peace process. I think Netanyahu exposed him for a softie.
- Sachs tells Obama to get a move on on infrastructure investment.
- John Kay decries rent-seekers in finance.
- Mishkin is peddling pure horse-shit, trying to separate "benign" bubbles from malign ones.
- Orange and T-Mobile are merging.

links Oct. 16th, 2009 @ 10:29 am
- Stephens finally raises the white flag of surrender. There will be no financial reform. Ever.
- Brittan says don't worry about imbalances.
- de Larosiere on capital requirements.
- FT weeps but more in despair than anything else. Still no pay reform.
- Pakistan, the country that ate itself.
- The American Dream, part 1 - the man who worked in 50 states.
- The American Dream, part 2 - the 97-year-old homeless woman.
- It takes a revolution - to give up the greenback. More, much more on recent currency movements.
- After Petraeus, we have McChrystal.

links Oct. 15th, 2009 @ 10:31 am
- Say hello to mezzo-economics!
- Say goodbye to old-school monetary policy.
- Dance of death.
- Some people never learn. Alan Greenspan, still stupid.
- Gapper asks how do you solve a problem like Goldman?
- Statism on the rise in China. They are also pressing on with their global takeover.
- The man who coined the phrase itself praises emerging markets.
- Bruce Wasserstein is dead. Here's what he did.
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