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Previous Entry links Jan. 19th, 2010 @ 02:20 pm Next Entry
- Analysis - Bulgaria fucked it up for all EU aspirants.
- Analysis - Nigeria explores a new oil revenue distribution model.
- Fantastic piece by Boone and Johnson arguing that we need to stop tinkering with rules NOW in order to get out of the finance doom loop.
- Rachman says that a USA vs China showdown is becoming more and more inevitable.
- Skapinker, reviewing Ehrenreich, praises American optimism.
- Stephens: How big banks rigged the market. Crook has a different take though. Even Caldwell is angry!
- Heilemann and Halperin wrote terrific pieces all through the 08 campaign. Their book looks like a must-read!
- Building BRICS - a great new FT series.
- BRICS BRICS BRICS - Jim O'Neill who kicked off the term.
- Analysis - Research powerhouse India.
- PIMCO Erian gives qualified support to the bank levy.
- Weird article of the day - the stray dogs of Moscow.
- Ben Brantley is in London. If I ever leave London, this is what I'll have to do, spend a few days in town to catch up on the theatre!
- Cricinfo's review of a shabby, shabby decade.
- A Reagan aide supports banking taxes, calling the whole sector 'parasitic'.
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