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links - The man with a fork in a world of soup

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Previous Entry links Feb. 15th, 2010 @ 04:48 pm Next Entry
- van Duyn - The death of securitisation?
- Obit - The man behind Indiana Jones and James Bond.
- Munchau and Tony Barber at the FT are doing a sterling job of explaining the Greece crisis. Recommended.
- The big guns jump into the euro debate - Feldstein, Issing, Brittain, some dude called Padoa-Schioppa.
- Hair portraits of the US presidents.
- Analysis - Toyota in trouble.
- Analysis - Obama in trouble.
- Why is China so mad? FT and the Economist explore this puzzle.
- Wolf in good form looks at the two things that would get the world economy growing on a safe footing again.
- A Tory Who's Who.
- Israel, birth of an apartheid state.
- How America's separation of powers got fucked in the ass.
- All the FT's Greek opeds are being collected here.
- Felice Quinto, the original paparazzo.
- Plender apoplectic at the state of financial reform.
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