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So Argentina seems to be progressing, but not without giving serious cause for concern. Mexico could have exposed their defensive frailties yesterday, had it not been for Tevez's freak-offside goal which basically knocked the stuffing out of El Tri. Next stop, Germany and they look fucking frightening. Mesut Ozil and Thomas Mueller in full flight are a sight to behold.

Saw the Argie match in a bar in Victoria. Bitopi and fam are in town, and I met up with them yesterday in Embankment. Did the clipper ride with them in glorious sunshiney weather, all the way to Greenwich. After lunch at a Vietnamese, we hung about the parks and the Observatory, mean-times and east-west lines and planetariums, etc. It was while we were there that the England game got underway, before long they were down 2-0 to Germany. I didn't see the game live, but every time a goal was scored, we learnt of it through the anguished howls (many) and joyous yelps (few) that floated through the ether to us. Final score 4-1.

Then came drama as we had to rush to Earls Court to fetch luggage and then to Victoria Coach Station for their bus to Den Haag. The fault lies largely with me as I took a really twisty-roundabout route home, took us forever to get to Earls Court. Long story short, by the time we boarded the 6.43 tube at Earls Court, there were just 17 mins to coach departure and once the train reached Victoria, I literally ran out and ran ahead all the way to Vic Coach Station, panting like an animal, got there on the dot of 7 and begged the driver and check-in guy to hold their horses while Bitopi and Mithu and Ahona caught up. It was frantic and it was rough, and I was bushed and sweaty and totally winded by the end of it.

Caught the Argie match therefore in a pub opposite the coach station as there was no time to get to Matt's by then. I did go afterwards, once Tevez had made it 3-0 and I was getting into arguments with the weird Italian. At Matt's, dinner. Basman was there (and Josh gets here today in time for Wimbledon and Centre Court). We all chatted till about 12.30 or beyond, then I got up and got lost, got home after 2.

It was also my birthday yesterday, and a few people called texted and mailed to wish, Matu getting cake. I fucking hate my birthdays though.

Anyway, London is really jammed with guests this summer, Rupam is here and I went to Embankment/National/Waterloo with him the day of the USA-Ghana match. Nice to hang out. Dude's gotten a new lease of life. Jeims should also be passing through tonight on her way back to Canada. And Abeer is here all summer, writing and researching her dementia novel.

Finally, me. I am old now. And not all that happy with how life is turning out.
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Date:June 28th, 2010 03:45 pm (UTC)
Happy birthday matey! :)
Date:July 1st, 2010 02:50 am (UTC)
বিয়ে করলে, একটু জনালেও না? অভিনন্দন তোমাদের দুজনকে। বউ কী বাংগালী নাকি? ঠিকানাটা দিও। একটা কার্ড পাঠাবো। ভালো থেকো।---ভাবী---
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Date:July 3rd, 2010 11:31 am (UTC)
Hi Zubaer, I am supporting Argentina as well! Sorry to hear you're not feeling very well, I also suffer from long periods of Bronchitis - I think it must be a part of getting old. Anyway dude, email me at: asifjuk@gmail.com as I have lost your email. I am in England now, until September and would like to come to London to meet up with you. In fact, I have booked tickets to see the Bolshoi Ballet on the 26th July and 3rd August and it would be cool if you could join me on one of those days. Sorry I didn't tell you before I booked but these things sell like hot cakes and I didn't want to miss out . Even if you can't get tickets we should still meet up in London. Get in touch. Email me and include your phone number. Cheers. Asif from Oxford!
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